Maude today announced that the Government is to save up to £3 billion a year by changing its procurement processes.

Theresa May has praised the CEOP centre whose annual report has revealed that 414 children have been safeguarded from abuse in the last year.

The number of GCSEs awarded declined for five consecutive years under Labour, according to figures released by Ofqual.

New donation figures show that the Labour Party is now almost entirely reliant on trade unions for funding.

Michael Gove has announced plans for reductions in the bureaucracy that controls how schools deal with poorly performing teachers.

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron have written a joint article for the Times.

David Campbell Bannerman MEP today resigned from the UK Independence Party and joined the Conservative Party.

David Cameron has spoken of the need to build a bigger, stronger society in a speech made earlier today.

Inflation busting rises in rail fares could become a thing of the past as Government considers new report.

An independent report has laid bare how the last government wasted taxpayers' money on an IT vanity project.