David Cameron has said that the NHS needs to change to make it work better today and to "avoid a crisis tomorrow".

Michael Gove has written to Andy Burnham, the Shadow Education Secretary, challenging him to set out where he stands on the Coalition's expansion of the academies programme.

The Government has announced plans for all 16-19 year-olds who fail to get a C grade or better in GCSE English or Maths to keep studying the subjects until they get good qualifications.

Ministers will today pledge to tackle youth unemployment which grew under Labour.

Chancellor George Osborne today urged business to help the government in its review of employment law.

Doctors have written to The Daily Telegraph supporting the Government's plans to modernise the NHS.

New figures show that more than 1000 schools have now applied to be academies.

Theresa May has unveiled a new package of policies that will cut red tape and save 2.5 million man hours.

The Prime Minister commented on the overwhelming 'No' to AV vote.

Welsh Conservatives now hold fourteen seats in the Assembly.