The Conservative Party have launched an online video to illustrate a key argument against AV.

David Cameron and Labour former Home Secretary, John Reid, shared a platform to warn how AV would end the historic principle of "one person, one vote".

Speaking to supporters in Romsey, the Prime Minister said that Britain needs "good immigration, not mass immigration".

Two Conservative Cabinet members add their voices to the concern surrounding the financial backers of Yes2AV.

New figures show a rise of 143,000 people in employment, driven largely by growth in the private sector.

Lord Heseltine visited the North West to unveil plans to invest £450 million in businesses across England.

Speaking in Sale, Greater Manchester, the prime Minister rallied party supporters and activists.

The Royal Wedding will be a great opportunity for people to come together and celebrate.

An influential report into the future of banking has said that retail-banks should be ring-fenced.

The Conservative Party are contesting 94 per cent of seats up for election on 5 May - an increase on 2007 when these seats were last fought.